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There are several reasons facts your phone in not charging process. This post helps you to the troubleshooting guide in case your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge won’t charge. Whether you are charging with Samsung’s manufacturer charger or a wireless charging pad, charging issues are among the most common problems any Android smartphone owner may face. 

It is also among the problems that need to be addressed immediately as your phone will only sit atop your table when it totally depletes its battery. If you have a little bit an experience in phone repairing, you can easily solve not charging problem of your phone S6. 

How to fix a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge that’s not charging!

Basically, the phone owner may only have an idea that his/her phone isn’t charging when the battery is totally drained and the charging signs won’t show up when the device is plugged in. At this stage, many owners may panic thinking that their expensive piece of technology may already be busted. 

If you have this problem, you might be tempted to believe it’s surely a battery issue – in some cases it really is, but the issue can originate from a lot of different places. It could very well be a charging port issue or even a firmware glitch. Here’s a list with some of the most common causes that will render your Galaxy S6 unable to charge:
But just because your Galaxy S6 Edge’s battery isn’t charging doesn’t mean you need to have the battery replaced immediately. Remember that before the electric current reaches the battery, it passes through a logic board and gets recognized by the Android system and the firmware itself.

If your phone is not getting charge just follow below tips before repair it!

  • Faulty battery
  • Firmware glitch
  • Bad cable or charging unitLint/dirt accumulation in the charging port
  • Bended / broken connectors on the device or battery

(Solution 1: Troubleshooting the charger)

Before we advanced to other guides, let’s start by checking if your charger is actually working. Your phone relies on a number of connection pins to facilitate the transfer of data and electricity. If more than one of those connection pins become bent or broken, the transfer of electricity will be stopped. Here’s how to see if that’s the case.

Note: You will need to charge your phone with original charger and data cable. 

(Solution 2: Troubleshooting the battery)

Fault batteries are among the most widely recognized foundations for making Galaxy S6 gadgets incapable to charge. This is probably not going to occur on new telephones, yet in the event that you purchased utilized S6 chances are the battery has debased to the indicate where it cannot acknowledge a charge. 

Normal signs that your telephone is experiencing a flawed battery are irregular restarts, unreasonable warming of the gadget and screen gleaming. Since Galaxy S6 isn't furnished with a removable battery, taking it out to investigate it is anything but a choice. 

What you can do is review the back case – Does it have all the earmarks of being enlarged or swollen like something is driving the back case out? In the event that the back case looks planned, it's in all likelihood on the grounds that your battery has increased than its ordinary size. This current it's an unmistakable marker that you need a substitution.
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