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You can easily repair your Samsung j2 charging problem by the jumpering process at your home by just following this post. Some times your phone is not getting charge due to the battery problem. So you will need to change your battery immediately from nearest mobile shop. 

Fix Samsung Galaxy J2 Not Charging issues: Just like your vehicle needs fuel to run on, the battery of your Samsung Galaxy J2 requires some fuel as well. Not as expensive as the automobile fuel though! This need not be clarified since we all are aware of the importance of charging your battery. Keeping these facts in mind, Developers all over the world are engaged in creating technology that modifies the battery power. 

But what if these all features get a stop on your device? That would be really annoying since you will not be able to operate your Galaxy J2 normally or not at all. Now just follow below image to easily repair your Samsung j2 charing problem.
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