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You can easily repair Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 USB charging with simple trick. If your phone is not getting charging due to its iC damage or other fault, you can resolve it by jumper ways. You will need to just follow simple points below, which has given in photos and video tutorial. USB opening can hang or auto control on your phone if that is carbonyl or shorted. Keep in mind! Continuously spotless usb coat first before attempt any investigating for settle this blame in Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300. Usb jack is open and clean or water can influence its. In the event that Usb jack in your mobile phone is harmed, Broken or carbony the PDA will little shorted (Offline utilize battery discharge) To tackle this issue please read investigating guide.

If you can't understand charging ways via image trick, you can get help by watching below video tutorial. 

Remember: If your phone is going to dead or caused any other fault, we are not responsible, you will need to do this trick on your own risk if you have not enough an experience in repairing.
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